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July 2022

By | 10th August 2022

Global risk assets reversed some of their year-to-date negative performance. Bond yields fell over the month, with investors believing that central banks’ hawkish responses are likely to have a deflationary impact. Unsurprisingly, Pan European real estate equities had a very strong month, with the Trust’s benchmark returning + 9.5%. The same index, when viewed in… Read More »

June 2022

By | 15th July 2022

A difficult May was followed by a terrible June for real estate equities. Investors decided that inflation hadn’t peaked (a hope in May) and that central banks’ policy response would be more aggressive than previously expected as they seek to bring inflation under control. The result was a rapid widening in bond spreads (the difference… Read More »

May 2022

By | 15th June 2022

Pan European property equities (FTSE EPRA Nareit Developed Europe total returns, in sterling terms) returned -3.1% and underperformed broader equities, which were almost flat during May but demonstrated significant intra-month volatility. The Trust’s net asset value (NAV) fell slightly less at -2.9% but the share price was hit harder and fell -7.7% over the month.… Read More »

Real assets in a world of real inflation

By | 13th June 2022

Whether you believe inflation is demand or supply driven, it is here and the central banks’ actions are adding to market volatility. In this video, Marcus Phayre-Mudge, Fund Manager of TR Property Investment Trust plc, will examine not only the income characteristics of property but also how The Trust is exposed to those parts of… Read More »