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October 2021

By | 23rd November 2021

Pan European real estate equities enjoyed a healthy recovery after the weakness seen in September. The Trust’s net asset value (NAV) rose +4.4%, while the benchmark gained +3.7%. The share price didn’t quite keep up with the NAV and rose +3.6%. Continental European real estate equities performed strongly and collectively rallied +5.5% in euro terms.… Read More »

September 2021

By | 13th October 2021

The Trust’s net asset value (NAV) fell -7.5% in September, the first negative monthly performance in this financial year (31st March year-end). The benchmark, pan-European real estate securities (EPRA Developed Europe, Net total returns) returned an even poorer -8.3% in sterling terms. It was the second-worst performing Global Industry Classification Standard sector (only utilities fared… Read More »

August 2021

By | 14th September 2021

Pan European real estate equities returned a healthy 3.2% (in sterling) in what is traditionally the quietest month of the year, and the Trust’s net asset value rose slightly more at 3.3%. A tug of war continues between an abundant supply of liquidity (the ’there is no alternative’ mindset) and investor worries; this drives a… Read More »

July 2021

By | 24th August 2021

The pan-European listed real estate sector (FTSE/EPRA Developed Europe, net, total return, in sterling) returned +5.8% in July, outperforming wider European equities, which returned +4.5% as measured by Stoxx600 (total return, in euros). Declining bond yields – notably German 10-year bunds, which were down -25 basis points (bps) to 45bps, and UK 10-year gilts, which… Read More »

June 2021

By | 19th July 2021

The Trust’s benchmark, FTSE/EPRA Nareit Developed Europe TR in GBP returned precisely 0.0% in the month. On the face of it a dull month but that is far from the reality. The index rose 4.5% to the middle of the month continuing the positive momentum we’ve seen since the end of March. However, from 14th… Read More »