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February 2022

By | 10th March 2022

In summary, over February, investor sentiment was driven by macroeconomic events alongside a handful of corporate events (within our small real estate world). The second half of February was, clearly, dominated by the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine. This historical and terrible geo-political event essentially added huge uncertainty to the backdrop of inflation-averse central bank behaviour.… Read More »

January 2022

By | 9th February 2022

Real estate stocks were not immune from the weakness in global equities as the new year got underway. The expectation of US Federal Reserve policy tightening has now become a reality. This news was coupled with firm indications that the world’s most important central bank is not concerned about short term (downward) adjustments to risk… Read More »

December 2021

By | 13th January 2022

December brought a strong end to the calendar year with the net asset value (NAV) rising +1.8%, while the benchmark rose 0.6%. The share price gained 2.7% over the month, which brought the share price total return for the year to 23.5%; this reflects both the 18.6% growth in the NAV over 12 months and… Read More »

November 2021

By | 9th December 2021

November was a positive month for real estate equities, and the FTSE EPRA/Nareit Developed Europe TR Index (in sterling) rose +1.1%. The trust’s net asset value (NAV) total return was just behind at +1.0%. In fact, the real estate sector was the third strongest among all the global industry classifications, with the Europe-wide STOXX 600… Read More »

October 2021

By | 23rd November 2021

Pan European real estate equities enjoyed a healthy recovery after the weakness seen in September. The Trust’s net asset value (NAV) rose +4.4%, while the benchmark gained +3.7%. The share price didn’t quite keep up with the NAV and rose +3.6%. Continental European real estate equities performed strongly and collectively rallied +5.5% in euro terms.… Read More »